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An anonymous reader writes: The producers of the popular CBC radio show Spark have revealed (see the comments) that the public broadcaster has banned programs from using Creative Commons licenced music on podcasts. The decision is apparently the result of restrictions in collective agreements the CBC has with some talent agencies. In other words, groups are actively working to block the use of Creative Commons licenced alternatives in their contractual language. It is enormously problematic to learn that our public broadcaster is blocked from using music alternatives that the creators want to make readily available. The CBC obviously isn't required to use Creative Commons licenced music, but this highlights an instance where at least one of its programs wants to use it and groups that purport to support artists' right to choose the rights associated with their work is trying to stop them from doing so.
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CBC Bans Use of Creative Commons Music on Podcasts

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  • Screw the CBC. Support CC music directly. Start with my band :) All our music is CC licensed. Everything we do. [] thanks!

  • I realize this is slashdot, but I (for one) don't see anything wrong with this. The CBC decided the best course of action was to work with agencies and part of the contract with those agencies is that no creative commons works be used. The CBC knowingly entered into the contract and that's that. Do I think they should revisit the practice when they have the opportunity? Absolutely! However I'll let the CBC handle it's business. They're way better at it then I am.

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