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Submission + - U.S. Busts $3M 'Zeus Trojan' Cyber Crime Ring

adeelarshad82 writes: The Manhattan U.S. Attorney has announced charges against 37 individuals for their roles in cyber attacks that helped the criminals steal $3 million from dozens of U.S. bank accounts. The cyber-attacks, using malware known as the "Zeus Trojan," sent out e-mails which would embedded itself in the victims' computers and recorded their keystrokes. Those keystrokes were used to capture bank account numbers, passwords, and other online security codes. Hackers then used the personal information to take over peoples' bank accounts and transfer money to accounts set up by their co-conspirators. These accounts were set up by a "money mule organization," which recruited people in the U.S. on student visas to set up bank accounts using fake passports. Once the accounts were set up, and the money was transferred in from the victims' accounts, the mules forwarded the cash to the scammers' bank accounts.
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U.S. Busts $3M 'Zeus Trojan' Cyber Crime Ring

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