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Submission + - Seven Words You Can't Say on Google Instant 2

theodp writes: Back in 1972, Georgle Carlin gave us the Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television. Thirty eight years later, Valleywag reports on The Definitive List of Words Google Thinks Are Naughty. You've probably noticed how the new Google Instant tries to guess what you're searching for while you type — unless it thinks your search is dirty, in which case you'll be forced to actually press ENTER to see your results. Leave it to the enterprising folks at 2600 to compile an exhaustive list of words and phrases Google Instant won't auto-search for.
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Seven Words You Can't Say on Google Instant

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  • and the very first listing on that list is
    -- drum role please --
    " 4 chan "

    • Since its in alphabetical order, its not very amazing.

      I wonder whether they brute-forced to get the list or just asked someone nice from google

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