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Submission + - Anti-Piracy firm e-mails reveal firm scam (torrentfreak.com) 4

Khyber writes: "A recent DDoS attack against a UK-based anti-pirating firm, known as ACS:Law, has resulted in a large backup archive of the server contents being made available for download, which has been done and is now being hosted by the Pirate Bay. Within this archive are e-mails from Andrew Crossley basically admitting that he is running a scam job, sending out thousands of frivolous legal threats on the premise that a percentage pay up immediately to avoid legal hassles."
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Anti-Piracy firm e-mails reveal firm scam

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  • How exactly is this even legal in the UK?

    • The leak or what the guy has actually been doing?

      In the case of the leak, there are issues of "breach of confidence", but that has public interest defences, so while he could probably sue whoever was sharing it and/or get injunctions blocking it, they probably wouldn't last. More interesting is the possible legality of his website in terms of not being secure; where there are both issues under the Data Protection Act (if there is personal information in the leak) and with lawyer/client confidentiality - whi

      • by Khyber ( 864651 )

        Analysis is underway.

        And it doesn't look too good for him.

        BTW these files open up under Word, Office, or similar programs.

      • by Khyber ( 864651 )

        To further elaborate, it looks like this guy totally shat upon the DPA, and could now very well be guilty of fraud and racketeering.

        Some of these e-mails.. oh shit.

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