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Submission + - Authors: I'm making you a writing program. 5

Azuaron writes: I'm making a web-based word processor program for authors (primarily fiction, both short story and novel length). I'm going to make chapter planning, story boarding, and character tracking easy, in addition to the standard word processing functions necessary for story writing. Slashdot authors: what would make your life easier while writing stories?
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Authors: I'm making you a writing program.

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  • Are you planning an open beta in the near future? I'd say make it possible to write notes in the margins that you can clean up for a final draft. Alternatively, I'd also ask for an option to make the margins non existent ala Open Office's web view. Not sure what else I could ask for, it sounds like you've got a good start. I'd love to check out a preview if you happen to have one in the near future.
    • by CTU ( 1844100 )
      I'd like to check out the beta if you open it up myself. It sounds like it could really help with writing. :)
    • I'm currently in the planning stages. I'm of the opinion that software should be planned first, then written, which is why I'm asking for suggestions now.

      I will keep everyone posted when the open beta comes around.

  • With any software -- web based or otherwise -- I want a means of making multiple backups in multiple locations.

    Backups aren't worth anything if they aren't tested ... I need to restore from my backup that I had stored at Aunt Saddie's before your web server crashed and my house burned down.

    I want to be assured that I can open the file [file format] in 50 years (although I'll settle for 5). With a computer based software package, I'll probably hang onto the word processor installation media. What are

    • Wonderful suggestions. There will be a complete versioning system (I don't know how many times I've edited something several times then thought, "You know... this was all much better five days ago...").

      As for backups (and file formats), the files will be downloadable/uploadable in doc/odt/pdf/txt (at minimum) and more will be added as standard word processors advance (for instance, docx). Further, I'll have distributed-redundant servers to help prevent a server shutdown from ruining everyone's day.

      The multi

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