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Submission + - Discovery Threatens Fan Site That It Also Promotes (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that the lawyers and the marketing people at The Discovery Channel don't talk to each other much. The marketing people behind the show "The Deadliest Catch" have been supporting a fan community called for a while now. They've regularly sent the site info, free clips, previews and information about the show. On top of that, they link to it from the official site, including it in a list of "fan sites" as a part of the "Discovery Network," and even will frame the site with the show's own dashboard for those who click through. Discovery's lawyers, on the other hand have threatened to sue the site out of existence and have demanded that the owner hand over the domain name — which he is going to do, because he doesn't have the money to fight this. While there may be a trademark issue (which could be easily resolved with a free license), the lawyers are also making the ridiculous argument that posting the videos Discovery sent him to post are copyright infringement. They're also claiming that embedding the official Discovery Channel YouTube videos (which have embedding turned on) is copyright infringement. This is exactly how you turns lots of fans into people who hate your entire channel.
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Discovery Threatens Fan Site That It Also Promotes

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