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Submission + - Video Game Legends Inducted to Hall of Fame (ivghof.com)

killdashnine writes: Last year Kotaku reported the creation of the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum in Ottumwa, Iowa and a first event in 2009 which brought 3,500 people to witness it. Since then, there's been much progress towards creation of the museum with the "Big Bang 2010". Their first event kicks off with formal induction ceremonies, tournaments, record-setting attempts, and an array of concerts from 8-bit music to modern rock. This serves as the first official fundraiser for this new Non-Profit.

Iowa is positioning itself as the Video Game Capitol of the World. While some sneer and scoff at this, pointing to LA or Seattle as gaming giants and rightful heirs to the title, the real goal is not to glorify software developers but rather to memorialize the "heroes of video games", from the iconic Pac Man to pioneers such as Ralph Baer. There's a lot of history in this small town on the banks of the Des Moines River, and when an entire town turns up to support something new and bold it's worth a look!

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Video Game Legends Inducted to Hall of Fame

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