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Submission + - FBI Releases Surprising Stats on Intel Leaks (

eldavojohn writes: Ever wonder how many people the United States government prosecutes for unauthorized disclosures of classified intelligence information? Well, according to a new FBI congressional report, none between 2005 and 2009. Out of 183 referred cases, only 26 were turned into cases by the FBI as they require that the referral identify who authorized the data access to the 'leak' in question. And of those 26, only 14 resulted in potential suspects. And of those 14 suspects, none were prosecuted. The FBI also recommended that government agencies implement their own administrative penalties in the advent of a leak saying, "Because indictments in media leak cases are so difficult to obtain, administrative action may be more suitable and may provide a better deterrent to leaks of classified information." The article notes two individuals prosecuted very recently outside of the date range of this report: Thomas A. Drake and Shamai Leibowitz. And Slashdotters might be able to provide a third name for that seemingly rare category.
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FBI Releases Surprising Stats on Intel Leaks

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