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Submission + - ImageLogr Scrapes "Billions" of Images Illegally ( 1

PurpleCarrot writes: In what must be one of the largest attempts to scrape images from the web, the site "claims to be scraping the entire 'free web' and seems to have hit Flickr especially hard, copying full-sized images of yours and mine to their own servers where they are hosting them without any attribution or links back to the original image in violation of all available licenses on Flickr." The site even contains the option to directly download images that ImageLogr has scraped. What makes this endeavor so amazing is that this isn't a case of "other people gave us millions of infringing images, help us remove the wrong one's" but one of "we took all the images on the webz, if we got one of yours, oops!" The former gets some protection from the DMCA, whereas the latter is blatant infringement. The site has caused a flurry of activity and has since shut off its site, being replaced with the following message: " is currently offline as we are improving the website. Due to copyright issues we are now changing some stuff around to make people happy. Please check back soon."
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ImageLogr Scrapes "Billions" of Images Illegally

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