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Submission + - Final Fight brings restrictive DRM to the PS3

Channard writes: As reported by Joystiq the PS3/Playstation Network version of Final Fight Double Impact features a rather restrictive piece of digital rights management. In order to launch the game, you have to be logged into the Playstation Network and if you're not, the game refuses to launch. This could be written off as a bug of some kind except for the fact that the error message that crops up tells you to sign in, suggesting Sony/Capcom intentionally included this 'feature'. Granted, you do have to log into the Playstation Network to buy the title but as one commentator pointed out, logging in once does not mean you'll be logged in all the time. Curiously, the 360 version has no such restrictions so you can play the game whether you're online or offline.

But annoying as this feature may be, there may be method in Sony's madness. The key difference between buying titles on the 360's Marketplace and Sony's Playstation Store is that buying a title from the Marketplace only usually entitles you to play that title on a single console. A Playstation Network account, on the other hand, can be used to licence up to five consoles, meaning any title purchased from that account can be played on five different consoles. And these consoles can be de-authorised and re-authorised at will, allowing gamers to switch licences around. This has led to a practice known as PSN game sharing, whereby gamers can purchase a title together, thereby paying a fifth of the cost of the game, and still allowing anyone to play the game on their console. Whether this has had any direct impact upon Sony or Capcom's apparent decision to implement this forced sign-in system is unknown. But Final Fight is the first title to feature this system — it'd be interesting to know whether this was done at Sony or Capcom's request.
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Final Fight brings restrictive DRM to the PS3

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