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eldavojohn writes: Every computer scientist knows the sting of forgetting to address their random number generators as 'pseudo' and if you're a mathematician that's not just being pedantic. A recent paper by Calude, Dinneen, Dumitrescu and Svozil at the University of Auckland has shown through observation that quantum processes are indeed truly random. The team generated several large numbers from a quantum random number generator dubbed 'Quantis' and compared Quantis to four other sources or random number generators. They compared them by employing four algorithmic information theory metrics: frequency counts, a test based on Shannon's information theory and a test based on random walks. The results put Quantis in a comfortable lead. Unfortunately the team points out that it is impossible to prove absolute randomness so they can do no more than offer this as evidence of the leading random number generator. It seems that for the best random number generators, we need to stray from classical interpretation into quantum randomness which is Turing incomputable and it may be by that very virtue that the process is only then able to create sequences which can not be predicted or created by a classical machine in anyway. Although to offer proof of this, all we have right now is empirical observation.
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A Quantum Process Is the Best Random Number Source

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