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Submission + - Landmark Canadian link case goes to Supreme Court

An anonymous reader writes: Vancouver businessman Wayne Crookes is trying to have the decision by BC Supreme Court judge Stephen Kelleher that linking is not the same as publishing reversed. He’s been given permission to appeal it to the Supreme Court of Canada. If he wins, it'll mean the end of the net in Canada and will reverberate around the world. "The notion that someone might be considered a publisher merely by linking to someone else's content, I think could have a potentially huge chilling affect [sic] and, for that reason alone, is going to have a major impact on the shape of the Internet in Canada," says Ottawa law professor Michael Geist. Hyperlinking is what the web is all about, says p2pnet founder Jon Newton. "Without it, the Internet would become a drab and pale facsimile of the exciting news, data and information medium it is today. Instead, each item would be isolated from every other item, and online defamation lawsuits aimed at anyone and everyone with a Web site would instantly become commonplace."
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Landmark Canadian link case goes to Supreme Court

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