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Submission + - Ars technica blocks AdBlock users ( 5

qvatch writes: Ars technica stops displaying articles for users browsing with AdBlock. No error is displayed, nor was any warning given.

  Clintology ( Developer / Proj. Manager )
            | tbradshaw wrote: I'm guessing that these responses mean that this is "behavior by design"?

Yes, its meant to annoy you into outing yourselves so I can guilt you ;)

If you're not willing to unblock our ads, we're fairly happy for you to not read the content we work very hard on, or to just stop visiting the site altogether.

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Ars technica blocks AdBlock users

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  • Are you sure about that? Because I have both hosts level blocking and AdBlock and can read everything on their site just fine.

    • by qvatch ( 576224 )
      The link I included is a comment from the developer that added it to Ars. Some of the later comments are fairly aggressive.

      Also from the comment thread (note the job titles of the commenters):

      Kurt ( Tech Director ):You guys should whitelist Ars in your ad blockers. Blocking ads makes my foster baby cry.

      Clintology ( Developer / Proj. Manager ): Please whitelist ars in your ad blockers.

      We make nearly all our money by selling campaigns which are promises to deliver a set number of ad impressions.
  • Not only do visitors *still* use all the bandwidth (the full text is still in the HTML, just not displayed), it's trivial to disable their "adblock detection" and still block the ads.

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • Yes they are blocking Adblock users. You can fix the problem by opening Adblock rules and searching for "" and disabling that rule. Let's see how long ars can keep this up.

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