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Submission + - Adobe Responds To Battery Life Claims With Video 1

andylim writes: Recently Adobe posted a video of a Nexus One running Flash Player 10.1 but John Gruber spotted that "the battery drains noticeably over the course of 6 or 7 minutes." Then recombu.com noticed that Adobe has a habit of shooting Flash Player 10.1 demos on phones with low battery levels. In response to these posts, Adobe decided to reshoot a video to prove that Flash doesn't drain battery life in an unacceptable way. The new video demo shows a Nexus One running YouTube and Adobe states in its blog that the Nexus One "lasts for some 17 minutes with little effect on the battery indicator, and just to ensure fairness I have included the battery usage chart data from the Android OS. Our own tests show that video can be played for well over 3Hours over WIFI from youtube in H.264 (Baseline 1.2)."
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Adobe Responds To Battery Life Claims With Video

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  • And, as pointed out by Daring Fireball (http://daringfireball.net/linked/2010/02/24/flash-battery), the Nexus One is rated for seven hours of video playback. This means that reduces the battery life by over a factor of two.

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