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Submission + - Disturbing trend with computer hardware? 1

yakatz writes: I have noticed over the last few months that I have had many requests for just-out-of-warranty service for hardware problems.
For example, a customer with a 13-month old computer gets "USB over current error" on ever boot.
I tried contacting Dell, since I have been having the most trouble with Dell computers. Dell regular tech support and Dell parts keep directing me to Dell out-of-warranty support, who wants to charge me a fortune just to re-diagnose that a USB port is broken.
At this point, some of my customers have given up and would just buy the replacement parts, but Dell is making it very hard to obtain exactly the same parts.
I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this trend? Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with these issues (i.e. talking to manufacturers, not diagnosing the problems)?
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Disturbing trend with computer hardware?

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  • Vote with your $$ and your feet. If a manufacturer isn't giving you the support you need, and you have a significant business history with them, then, call up your sales rep. and let him know about your next big order and explain why he's not getting it.

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