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Jbabe writes: Two men have been charged after cooking a rat and serving it with rice as a meal for fellow contestants on a reality TV show. D'Acampo, 33, and Manning, 30, were confronted by RSPCA...they were both charged with animal cruelty offences and ordered to appear in court on February 3...If found guilty, the pair face up to three years in jail...Broadcasts of the program in Britain, could also face charges. RSPCA NSW chief inspector David O'Shannessy said it was unacceptable for the rat to have been killed for a TV show. "The concern is this was done purely for the cameras. The show's producers were ordered by the RSPCA to hand over footage showing how the rat, which was believed to be tame, was killed.... But D'Acampo and Manning had been filmed telling contestants how they had caught the rat in the bush before the chef killed it with his kitchen knife and skinned it. "It was the best recipe I ever did," he said afterwards.
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Charged with animal cruelty for killing rat to eat

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  • I grew up on a farm. I've watched animals being butchered by family butchers my father brought animals to, all the way from live animal to hanging sides of meat. I've no doubt a lot of people's stomachs might churn at what I saw, I merely found it interesting . And did I eat the steaks produced? Hell yeah. They tasted bloody good. Animal cruelty for killing a rat? Please. Come down to the local abatoir and make your stand over the wholesale slaughter of animals, not over the offing of one inconsequential ro

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