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Submission + - Windows 7 Under Fire for Patent Infringement (tgdaily.com) 2

eldavojohn writes: A patent issued in 2003 called 'Method and system for demultiplexing a first sequence of packet components to identify specific components wherein subsequent components are processed without re-identifying components' is now owned by Implicit Networks who has recently claimed Windows 7 infringes upon it with its Filtering Platform. This is used in Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Implicit is seeking a jury trial and damages. A shocking turn of events, you actually want to cheer for Microsoft this time as Implicit is nothing more than a patent licensing company (troll) and has done battle with Sun, AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.
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Windows 7 Under Fire for Patent Infringement

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  • The fact that it is possible for a company to buy up patents...not even generating it's own....and do nothing but sit on them and charge people license fees, *and* that this company can make a profit doing this, just shows how inherently broken/ open to abuse the patent system is.

    These companies leech off of other peoples hard work and graft.

    • I agree. As much as I fault Microsoft for taking other people's ideas and "embrace" and "extending" them I think I have to take their side on this. It's way to easy to accidentally infringe on a software patent, which in itself shows that whatever was patented shouldn't of been. And I shouldn't have to pay a lawyer every time I want to write a simple function or script.

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