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Submission + - FreeCreditReport.com Wins 1,017 Domains by UDRP (aliasencore.com)

typosquatting writes: The National Arbitration Forum published a historic domain dispute decision late Thursday awarding 1,017 cybersquatting domain names to FreeCreditReport.com. The complaint was filed by ConsumerInfo.com, owner of FreeCreditReport.com, through a process called the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP), and is believed to be the largest case in the ten years since the UDRP was first enacted. The disputed domain names were all slight misspellings of FreeCreditReport.com (such as ereecreditreport.com), or they included FreeCreditReport spelled correctly within a longer domain (such as 1-800-freecreditreport.com). The respondent in the case is a firm called Netcorp LLC which had previously lost one other UDRP case in 2005. Further complicating the case was a tussle over the perceived "generic" nature of the brand FreeCreditReport.com. Netcorp argued unsuccessfully that "the disputed domain names are comprised of common, descriptive terms and as such cannot be found to be confusingly similar to Complainant's mark." The full story is available here.
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FreeCreditReport.com Wins 1,017 Domains by UDRP

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