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Submission + - Finland to Establish Broadband as a Legal Right ( 1

suraj.sun writes: Finland to Become the First Country to Establish Broadband as a Legal Right.

Finland! Not only they have great universal health care—including dental—great public daycare, and great public education at all levels, but now they also got broadband as a legal right provided to every citizen.

And not any crappy broadband.

The policy will be active in July 2010, when every Finn will get a one-megabit connection. But that's just an intermediate step towards their final goal: By 2015, everyone will have a 100Mbps—yes, a hundred megabits per second—available.

Gizmodo :

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Finland to Establish Broadband as a Legal Right

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  • I wonder how this will play with the **AA's push to get the "three strikes" laws passed... if basic broadband is a fundamental human right, that would mean that it either couldn't be withheld, or couldn't be withheld without due process (depending on Finland's legal system, which I admit I know nothing about.)

    In any case, this is clearly a good thing! :)

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