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CNETNate writes: A special edition of Family Guy, along with various other live-action performances from the show's creator Seth MacFarlane and pals, will air with the sole purpose of telling the world how awesome Microsoft's new OS is. The content of Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show (the current working title) is unclear. But it's essentially going to be 30 minutes of Family Guy-themed content, without any ad breaks, filled with Windows 7 product placement. But is this product placement going too far?
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Family Guy to promote Windows 7 in special episode

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  • Too many Seth shows on Sunday nights already, and now this? Seriously, suck it, MacFarlane, you've sold out and lost any edge you might have had. The Simpsons are funny again, and I've been skipping all three of MacFarlane's craptastic shows recently. The Cleavland Show? Seriously? Should have done a series about the ancient pedophile, now THAT would have been an entertaining spin off.

    South Park was right, MacFarlane gets his ideas from a tank full of manatees. Nobody wants to watch him rim Bill Gates for h

    • I agree. Ironically, when McFarlane was on Bill Mahar a little while back, Bill applauded him for his fearless liberal commentary on Family Guy and American Dad. But those shows don't really criticize, they make fun, and they make fun of everything. South Park is a great example of artistic integrity, those guys would never whore themselves out to Microsoft. A great example is how when the show first got started, they would have celebrity guests but force them to play humiliating roles (i.e. George Clooney)

      • by spun ( 1352 )

        It's little rule of thumb of mine, 'Do I need to be stoned to find this funny?' Family Guy is a definite yes. The Simpsons, at its best, is a no, as is South Park. I'm enjoying this season's Simpsons so far, they seem to have gone back to the classic character driven formula, with plots that stay focused and gags that feel integral to the plot.

        I've worked (and partied) with Matt and Trey, and they are fun guys, but Trey has a chip on his shoulder and he's less funny when he gets too bitter. South Park is a

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