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bennyboy64 writes: "Microsoft has announced the acquisition of technology assets of Interactive Supercomputing (ISC), a US company that specialised in bringing the power of parallel computing to desktops and making high performance computing more accessible to end users. Microsoft said it planned to integrate ISC technologies into future versions of Microsoft products and would provide more information over the coming months on where and how that integration will occur. "This move represents our ongoing commitment to parallel computing and high performance computing (HPC) and will bring together complementary technologies that will help simplify the complexity and difficulty of expressing problems that can be parallelised," said Kyril Faenov, general manager of high performance parallel computing technologies at Microsoft. Faenov said the former CEO of ISC, Bill Blake, was bringing a team of industry leading experts on parallel and high performance computing to join the Microsoft team at the New England Research Development Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts."
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Microsoft acquires Interactive Supercomputing

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