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Submission + - Switzerland: disable Google Streetview 1

glow-in-the-dark writes: The Swiss office for Data Protection has asked Google to turn off Streetview, I suspect because it doesn't meet the conditions as demanded when permission was given to go ahead.

Google answered privacy concerns with the following points (I'm translating them from German):

"Do I have to worry about being in Streetview?"
Google will publish in advance where it is going to record the images, so you can act accordingly.
Comment: WTF? So people have to hide when Google rides into town? Who exactly has the obligation here?

How is my Data Protection guaranteed when my picture has been taken?
Google has made masking the images of people and car license plates obligatory.
Comment: I think this is where trouble starts, because their permission to go ahead against concern appears to have been dependent on how well they did this. I have browsed one particular town as an experiment and was quite quickly able to unearth unmasked faces. This means that either the algorithm they use doesn't work, or that it is done manually and they're behind (in which case they should not have put up the images IMHO).

How do I get myself removed from Google Streetview?
You can tell Google where you were in the picture and they'll remove it.
Comment: same comment as above (whose obligation is this?), and, in addition, how are you going to recall where you saw a Google car (if you noticed it at all)? The images take several months to show up, and you don't need to look straight at them to be in the image.

Can I get my home removed from Google Streetview?
Although a picture of a home is generally not covered under Data Protection, Google has agreed to remove them if so asked, follow the same process as removing a person.
Comment: I think it wouldn't be half as bad if the pictures weren't taken with a high enough resolution to see inside a house.

In short, Google has not been given the easy ride it had in other countries regarding Streetview. I actually suspect there is more to come..
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Switzerland: disable Google Streetview

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