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Submission + - Job rejections because of physical appearance 5

An anonymous reader writes: I am a Software Engineer with 5 years of experience who is currently in search of a new job. I have a bachelor's degree in CS from a respectable university and was campus recruited into my current job. I know that the current tech job market does not look as good as it did a year before. But I have another handicap in addition to the economic recession. I have very poor physical appearance both in the photogenic and muscular aspects. I am just above 5ft tall and have an extremely skinny face. My face is far from looking assertive or confident. Even though my face does not accurately reflect my actual personality, I have started realizing (after attending a large number of futile face-face interviews) that most recruiters quickly judge the capability of applicants by their appearance . I am sure that not all of the interviewers rejected me because of my appearance. But I definitely think I was dinged from some job openings where I felt I had a 99% chance. Is there any way that I can refine my approach to job search/interviews to compensate for this irreversible gene curse that I have?
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Job rejections because of physical appearance

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  • I don't think your portrayal of the situation is entirely accurate. How do you know on what basis they made their decision? I don't care how attractive someone is, it's about competency. Maybe you overrate your skills, maybe the companies aren't looking for your particular talents. It's a cop-out to say that it's all your appearance.

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