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Submission + - British men jailed for online hate crimes 1

chrb writes: Two British men have become the first to be jailed for inciting racial hatred online. The men believed that material they published on web servers based in the United States did not fall under the jurisdiction of UK law and was protected under the First Amendment. This argument was rejected by the British trial judge. After being found guilty, the men fled to Los Angeles, where they attempted to claim political asylum, again arguing that they were being persecuted by the British government for speech that was protected under the First Amendment. The asylum bid was rejected and the two were deported back to the UK after spending over a year in a US jail.
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British men jailed for online hate crimes

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  • Reminds me of the East German government and its views on citizens who got out.
    "Fair game". I wonder what will happen when this reverse intellectual redition hits a UK citizen?
    The world needs a gui based torbuntu. Every connection out of your OS is via tor :)

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