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Submission + - SPAM: Chinese 'Web Addicts' Get Boot Camp, Therapy

itwbennett writes: "A large number of Chinese parents are finding their teenagers to be exhibiting such psychological symptoms as depression, antisocial behavior, and slipping grades. The cause: Internet addiction. World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike rank beside Chinese role-playing games as those that hook the most patients, says Tao Ran, the founder of a youth rehabilitation center on a Beijing army base. Online chat programs more often hook girls, who make up a handful of Tao's current 70 patients. The teens are subjected to a 'strict regimen of military drills, martial arts training, lectures and sessions with psychiatrists.' And, most importantly: no Internet. Treatment of compulsive Internet use has been done more openly in China than in many other countries, says Dr. David Greenfield, director of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction in West Hartford, Connecticut. 'China is leading in showing how bad this could get,' he said. 'Because of the sheer amount of numbers, they're sort of showing worst-case scenarios.'"
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Chinese 'Web Addicts' Get Boot Camp, Therapy

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