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Submission + - Supreme Court Won't Hear Case Over Computer Tech's (techdirt.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Supreme Court Won't Hear Case Over Computer Tech's Right To Search Your Computer A few years back, we wrote about the case where a guy was arrested for possessing child pornography after techs at Circuit City found child porn on his computer, while they were installing a DVD player. The guy insisted that the evidence shouldn't be admissible since the techs shouldn't have been snooping through his computer — and a lower court agreed. The appeals court, however, reversed, noting that the guy had given Circuit City the right to do things on his computer — including testing out the newly installed software (which is how the tech claims he found the video). The guy appealed to the Supreme Court, who has declined to hear the case, meaning that the ruling stands for the time being. So, basically, if you hand your computer over to someone else for repairs, at least in some jurisdictions, they may have pretty free reign in terms of what they're allowed to access on your computer. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20090608/1357565168.shtml
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Supreme Court Won't Hear Case Over Computer Tech's

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  • The Supreme Court wouldn't touch this case because there is no Constitutional issues to be decided.

    Yes, the TECHS were snoops, but they weren't acting under orders of Law Enforcement agents when they discovered the Child Porn and therefore didn't need a warrant. Snooping isn't a crime, although, it might make a Civil Suit possible.

    When anyone leaves something to be repaired with someone else, their "Right to Privacy" is no longer applicable. If you want to keep things Private, your best bet is to ei

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