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Submission + - Nesson & Camara Increase Attack Against RIAA (

eldavojohn writes: We talked about Charlie Nesson of Harvard Law School before and it may not have been known to you but he's backing Jammie Thomas' new lawyer and former student K.A.D. Camara. Well Ars is reporting that Nesson's upping the charges against the RIAA. Not only is file-sharing fair use ... but the $100,000,000 the RIAA has collected through fear is due back to those wrongly accused. He's also increasing the number of fronts he's fighting. On Camara's website, he indicates that in another case, Brittany English (pro bono), they 'are asking the courts to declare that statutory damages like these--150,000:1--are unconstitutional and that the RIAA's campaign to extract settlements from individuals by the threat of such unconstitutional damages is itself unlawful, enjoin the RIAA's unlawful campaign, and order the RIAA to return the $100M+ that it obtained as a result of its unlawful campaign.' Will the RIAA's settle-out-of-court-or-die campaign finally be scrutinized by legally capable individuals?
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Nesson & Camara Increase Attack Against RIAA

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