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Saturday October 23, 2010 @01:42PM Blizzard Unveils Custom StarCraft 2 Game Types, Encourages Map Design
Saturday July 17, 2010 @10:16AM StarCraft II cost $100 million to develop
Tuesday May 04, 2010 @12:11AM StarCraft II To Be Released On July 27
Thursday November 12, 2009 @02:42PM StarCraft AI Competition Announced
Tuesday November 03, 2009 @03:16PM Rise of the Robot Squadrons
Wednesday July 08, 2009 @11:43AM New RTS Based on DotA Offers Native Linux Client
Monday March 30, 2009 @10:30AM Examining the Beginnings of the RTS Genre
Wednesday March 11, 2009 @12:15PM Review: Halo Wars
Tuesday December 30, 2008 @04:36AM Early Praise For Empire: Total War
Monday December 15, 2008 @11:30AM Strategy Games Improve Cognitive Functions In Older Adults
Tuesday November 25, 2008 @01:23PM Fable II DLC Coming In December
Wednesday November 12, 2008 @10:20PM Square Enix Announces Supreme Commander 2
Thursday October 23, 2008 @11:20PM Dutch Court Punishes Theft of Virtual Property
Sunday October 12, 2008 @05:10PM Starcraft 2 To Be a Trilogy
Wednesday June 04, 2008 @01:52PM RTS "World in Conflict" From a Design Perspective
Thursday May 29, 2008 @10:56AM Tom Clancy: Endwar to Change the Face of Console RTS?
Thursday February 07, 2008 @10:41AM Blizzard Patches No-CD Support Into Warcraft III
Monday February 04, 2008 @05:37PM Starcraft 2 Demo Gameplay
Monday October 08, 2007 @10:31AM 'Neurotic' is Best RTS strategy
Saturday August 04, 2007 @03:33PM StarCraft 2 Terran Gameplay, Single Player Info
Monday July 30, 2007 @11:01AM Protoss For a Day
Thursday May 31, 2007 @02:49PM Can Blizzard Top StarCraft?
Tuesday May 22, 2007 @01:31PM StarCraft, Nothing But StarCraft
Saturday May 19, 2007 @01:00PM Blizzard Announces StarCraft 2
Thursday February 01, 2007 @04:38AM The Evolution of StarCraft
Friday January 26, 2007 @07:59AM How Do You Get a Board Game Published?
Monday September 11, 2006 @04:02PM Clarifications From A Halogen Team Member
Friday August 11, 2006 @05:00PM Endgame- Google Maps RTS (beta)
Monday July 24, 2006 @11:02AM Warhammer Mark Of Chaos - How Is The RTS?
Friday April 21, 2006 @08:00PM Command and Conquer 3 Announced

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