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Thursday May 21, 2015 @10:55AM Pre-Orders Start For Neo900 Open Source Phone
Wednesday May 20, 2015 @06:58PM Huawei's LiteOS Internet of Things Operating System Is a Minuscule 10KB
Wednesday May 20, 2015 @11:12AM Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue?
Tuesday May 19, 2015 @11:40AM First Smart TVs Powered By Firefox OS On Sale In Europe, Worldwide Soon
Tuesday May 19, 2015 @09:36AM New Chips Could Bring Deep Learning Algorithms To Your Smartphone
Saturday May 16, 2015 @01:10AM Linino-Enabled Arduino Yun Shrinks In Size and Cost
Thursday April 23, 2015 @08:40AM POS Vendor Uses Same Short, Numeric Password Non-Stop Since 1990
Tuesday April 07, 2015 @11:25AM Research Finds Shoddy Security On Connected Home Gateways
Thursday February 12, 2015 @01:22PM Five Years After the Sun Merger, Oracle Says It's Fully Committed To SPARC
Friday January 09, 2015 @12:13PM Ask Slashdot: Options For Cheap Home Automation?
Friday January 09, 2015 @10:16AM BlackBerry's Survival Plan: the Internet of Things
Friday January 09, 2015 @09:52AM Asus Wireless Routers Can Be Exploited By Anyone Inside the Network
Thursday January 01, 2015 @09:31AM Ringing In 2015 With 40 Linux-Friendly Hacker SBCs
Saturday December 27, 2014 @12:20PM An Open Source Flat Pack Robot Arm That's As Easy To Build As Ikea Furniture
Friday November 14, 2014 @06:02PM Ask Slashdot: Is Non-USB Flash Direct From China Safe?
Monday November 10, 2014 @02:09PM Eben Upton Explains the Raspberry Pi Model A+'s Redesign
Monday October 13, 2014 @10:04AM Raspberry Pi Sales Approach 4 Million
Friday August 29, 2014 @08:07PM MIPS Tempts Hackers With Raspbery Pi-like Dev Board
Saturday August 23, 2014 @08:20AM Google Announces a New Processor For Project Ara
Saturday August 23, 2014 @01:07AM Securing Networks In the Internet of Things Era
Wednesday August 13, 2014 @12:52PM Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding
Tuesday August 12, 2014 @05:48PM Study: Firmware Plagued By Poor Encryption and Backdoors
Sunday August 10, 2014 @10:16PM Point-and-Shoot: TrackingPoint's New Linux-Controlled AR-15s
Wednesday July 30, 2014 @08:05PM Google, Linaro Develop Custom Android Edition For Project Ara
Sunday July 27, 2014 @05:13PM A Router-Based Dev Board That Isn't a Router
Tuesday July 08, 2014 @08:24AM New Single Board Computer Lets You Swap Out the CPU and Memory
Saturday June 28, 2014 @03:49PM Are the Hard-to-Exploit Bugs In LZO Compression Algorithm Just Hype?
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @08:40AM Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes
Monday June 09, 2014 @10:41PM IPMI Protocol Vulnerabilities Have Long Shelf Life
Friday May 30, 2014 @05:43PM Tiniest Linux COM Yet?
Tuesday April 08, 2014 @10:41AM Raspberry Pi Compute Module Release
Saturday April 05, 2014 @05:18PM Intel Releases $99 'MinnowBoard Max,' an Open-Source Single-Board Computer
Friday April 04, 2014 @06:21PM Tesla Model S Has Hidden Ethernet Port, User Runs Firefox On the 17" Screen
Friday March 14, 2014 @08:39PM Ask Slashdot: Best Management Interface On an IT Appliance?
Tuesday February 25, 2014 @09:21AM Ford Dumping Windows For QNX In New Vehicles
Sunday February 23, 2014 @01:16AM Lechal Haptic Footwear Guides You By Buzzing Your Feet
Friday February 21, 2014 @07:49PM Stack Overflow Could Explain Toyota Vehicles' Unintended Acceleration
Thursday February 20, 2014 @09:27AM Routers Pose Biggest Security Threat To Home Networks
Tuesday February 11, 2014 @01:04PM What Are the Weirdest Places You've Spotted Linux?
Friday January 17, 2014 @10:01PM The Spamming Refrigerator
Tuesday December 17, 2013 @01:23PM Want a FPGA Board For Your Raspberry Pi Or Beagle Bone?
Thursday November 28, 2013 @11:09AM $39 Arduino Compatible Boardset Runs Linux On New x86 SoC
Wednesday November 20, 2013 @03:46AM Contiki 2.7 Released
Sunday November 17, 2013 @02:26PM Raspberry Pi Hits the 2 Million Mark
Thursday October 24, 2013 @07:40AM LG Launches Its Firefox OS Phone Fireweb for $200
Tuesday September 10, 2013 @11:58AM AMD Reveals Roadmap For ARM and X86 SoCs
Sunday July 28, 2013 @12:29PM Google TV Hackers Open a Shell on the Chromecast; More Hacks To Follow
Saturday July 27, 2013 @09:09PM English High Court Bans Publication of 0-Day Threat To Auto Immobilizers
Friday July 26, 2013 @08:32PM Google Chromecast Reviewed; Google Nixes Netflix Discount
Wednesday June 26, 2013 @09:39AM Black Hat Talks To Outline Attacks On Home Automation Systems
Thursday June 13, 2013 @10:29AM World's Smallest Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 Module?
Wednesday May 08, 2013 @07:52PM WD Explains Its Windows-Only Software-Based SSHD Tech
Monday April 29, 2013 @12:42PM Ask Slashdot: Best OSS Embedded Development Platform
Tuesday April 23, 2013 @07:47AM BeagleBone Black Released With 1GHz Cortex-A8 For Only $45
Tuesday March 26, 2013 @12:28PM SpaceX: Lessons Learned Developing Software For Space Vehicles
Saturday March 09, 2013 @12:38PM Embedded Linux Conference 2013 Videos Available Online
Sunday March 03, 2013 @05:49AM Embedded Developers Prefer Linux, Love Android
Friday September 07, 2012 @07:22PM Rhombus Tech A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card Schematics Completed
Friday August 24, 2012 @06:28PM Serious Problems With USB and Ethernet On the Raspberry Pi
Friday July 20, 2012 @07:58PM Gooseberry Launches Android-based Raspberry Pi Rival
Friday July 13, 2012 @07:32PM Putting the Raspberry Pi Into Orbit
Thursday June 21, 2012 @09:22AM FDA: Software Failure Behind 24% of Last Year's Medical Device Recalls
Sunday June 17, 2012 @11:51AM PowerVR To Make Mobile Graphics, GPU Compute a Three-Way Race Again
Thursday June 14, 2012 @09:43AM Ubuntu 12.04 Ported To the Allwinner A10 MK802 Mini PC
Thursday May 24, 2012 @01:53PM Ask Slashdot: Hobbyist-Ready LCD Touch Panel For Embedded Projects?
Sunday April 22, 2012 @02:32PM Did Microsoft Simply Run Out of Time On Windows RT?
Thursday March 01, 2012 @09:36AM Stealthy Pen Test Unit Plugs Directly Into 110 VAC Socket (Video)
Sunday February 12, 2012 @01:34PM From the Nuremberg Toy Fair, a New Linux System For RC Cars
Friday February 10, 2012 @10:19PM Golden Delicious Now Shipping Hackable Openmoko GTA04
Saturday December 17, 2011 @10:29AM PCMCIA Computer Project Aims Even Higher (and Cheaper) Than Raspberry Pi
Saturday November 26, 2011 @03:33AM QT 5 Will Be Available For Raspberry Pi
Saturday November 19, 2011 @10:14AM How Ford Will Upgrade Owners' Display Screens
Saturday November 19, 2011 @04:35AM Dual-Core Android PC Now Comes On a USB Stick
Thursday November 10, 2011 @11:13AM ARM Claims PS3-Like Graphics On Upcoming Mobile GPU
Tuesday November 08, 2011 @11:42AM Fake Raspberry Pi Shops Pop Up
Friday November 04, 2011 @05:23PM AT&T Pushes 'Connected' Clothing For Healthcare
Tuesday November 01, 2011 @07:54AM Ubuntu Heads To Smartphones, and Tablets
Friday October 28, 2011 @09:05PM Is That an Android On Your Wrist?
Sunday October 23, 2011 @11:38PM Jumentum Introduces a Single-Chip Linux System
Tuesday October 04, 2011 @08:40AM Why Linux Is Good For Low-End Smartphones
Thursday September 22, 2011 @11:29AM Demystifying UEFI, the Overdue BIOS Replacement
Wednesday September 21, 2011 @11:35PM Nvidia's Kal-El Tegra Will Have Fifth "Companion Core"
Tuesday September 20, 2011 @12:05PM Intel Shows RealVNC Embedded In the BIOS
Thursday September 08, 2011 @08:33AM The State of Open Source Software
Saturday August 06, 2011 @09:24AM Eben Upton Talks About the Raspberry Pi USB Computer
Tuesday May 31, 2011 @07:09PM Samsung Launches Exynos-Based Origen Dev Board
Friday May 20, 2011 @11:16PM ARM-Based Arduino Competitor At SparkFun
Wednesday May 18, 2011 @06:35PM Designing a Programming Language For Embeddability
Thursday May 12, 2011 @02:25PM Why Google Choosing Arduino Matters
Monday May 09, 2011 @07:15AM AMD To Support Coreboot On All Upcoming Processors
Saturday April 30, 2011 @01:02PM Help Build the World's First Community-Funded CPU ASIC
Saturday March 19, 2011 @12:09PM 'Pruned' Microchips Twice As Fast and Efficient
Saturday March 05, 2011 @11:28AM AMD Provides Fusion Support For Coreboot
Thursday February 24, 2011 @03:27PM Researchers Create Computer That Fits On a Pen Tip
Thursday February 10, 2011 @02:25PM Un-Bricking Linux Plug Computers
Thursday January 13, 2011 @06:48PM Embedded Linux 1-Second Cold Boot To QT
Tuesday November 16, 2010 @03:01AM AMD Joins Intel's MeeGo OS Effort
Monday November 15, 2010 @06:13AM Auto Industry's Fastest Processor Is 128Mhz
Wednesday November 03, 2010 @01:39PM With the Jack PC, the Computer's In the Wall!
Sunday September 26, 2010 @03:30PM Arduino Project Upgrades With 2 New Boards
Sunday September 26, 2010 @02:24PM New family of Arduino Boards launched
Tuesday September 14, 2010 @09:17PM Promised Microsoft Tablet 'No Thicker Than Sheet of Glass'
Friday June 18, 2010 @02:25AM Microsoft To Add Yet Another Smartphone OS This Year
Sunday June 06, 2010 @11:10AM Qualcomm Ships Dual-Core Snapdragon Chipsets
Wednesday May 19, 2010 @11:55AM Google Android Interface For the Chevy Volt
Saturday March 13, 2010 @02:01PM Toyota Acceleration and Embedded System Bugs
Saturday February 27, 2010 @09:38AM The 1-Second Linux Boot
Saturday February 20, 2010 @01:18AM Enlightenment Returns To Bring Ubuntu To ARM
Thursday December 31, 2009 @10:34PM Embedded OS RTEMS Turns 21
Tuesday November 24, 2009 @11:58AM Gakken Arduino Clone Spotted At Tokyo MAKE Meeting 04
Thursday November 05, 2009 @08:31PM Ubiquiti Announces RouterStation Challenge Winners
Tuesday January 06, 2009 @05:08AM Linux Kernel 2.4 Or 2.6 In Embedded System?
Friday April 07, 2006 @02:49AM Interest in Embedded Linux Remains Low

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