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Monday April 20, 2015 @01:28AM Pull-Top Can Tabs, At 50, Reach Historic Archaeological Status
Saturday December 13, 2014 @04:15PM No More Foamy Beer, Thanks To Magnets
Monday September 29, 2014 @01:22PM SteadyServ Helps Keep the Draft Beer Flowing (Video)
Saturday April 19, 2014 @02:10PM Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon
Sunday April 06, 2014 @09:33AM To Reduce the Health Risk of Barbecuing Meat, Just Add Beer
Saturday March 29, 2014 @01:46AM Synthetic Chromosomes Successfully Integrated Into Brewer's Yeast
Thursday December 26, 2013 @02:03PM The Archaeology of Beer
Thursday October 24, 2013 @12:42PM The Fascinating Science Behind Beer Foam
Tuesday October 08, 2013 @11:14AM 11-Year-Old Coloradan Will Brew Beer In Space, By Proxy
Friday September 20, 2013 @07:34PM Extreme Microbe Brewing: the Curse of Auto-Brewery Syndrome
Tuesday May 28, 2013 @08:20AM German Brewers Warn Fracking Could Hurt Beer
Thursday May 16, 2013 @01:27PM Linux is an Obvious Choice for Automating the Beer-Brewing Process (Video)
Thursday May 02, 2013 @09:17AM Condensation On Your Beer != Good
Thursday November 29, 2012 @03:59PM Nobel Prize Winner Got Free House and Free (as In Beer) Beer
Tuesday September 25, 2012 @06:20PM Beer Is Cheaper In the US Than Anywhere Else In the World
Saturday September 01, 2012 @05:56PM Ale To the Chief: White House Releases Beer Recipe
Saturday September 01, 2012 @12:12PM Drinking Too Much? Blame Your Glass
Wednesday May 30, 2012 @05:57PM Mathematicians Show Why Bubbles Sink in Nitrogen-Infused Stouts
Monday February 27, 2012 @07:54PM What Beer Can Teach Us About Emerging Technologies
Tuesday December 13, 2011 @11:58AM Norte Photoblocker keeps your face out of embarras
Friday September 09, 2011 @09:06PM Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Using Only a Beer Can
Sunday April 17, 2011 @08:34AM Why Beer Skunks: Trans-Iso-Alpha Acids
Saturday March 05, 2011 @09:42AM Aussie Brewery Creates Space Beer
Wednesday December 01, 2010 @02:50AM Beer Made Just for Dogs
Wednesday September 01, 2010 @01:54AM Ancient Nubians Drank Antibiotic-Laced Beer
Monday August 23, 2010 @09:26PM Bacteria From Beer Lasts 553 Days In Space
Wednesday July 28, 2010 @05:35AM The World's Strongest, Most Expensive Beer Served Inside a Squirrel
Thursday July 08, 2010 @02:00PM Willow Garage Robot Fetches Beer, Engineers Rejoice
Wednesday June 02, 2010 @09:44AM The Race To Beer With 50% Alcohol By Volume
Sunday May 30, 2010 @07:27PM Reproducing an Ancient New World Beer
Friday April 23, 2010 @12:00PM 4G iPhone Misplacer Invited To Germany For Beer
Tuesday December 22, 2009 @09:59AM Beer-Finding Augmented Reality App Launched
Saturday November 14, 2009 @02:57PM Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks May Be Illegal
Thursday April 23, 2009 @12:22PM Designing DNA Circuits To Brew Tastier Beer
Tuesday December 23, 2008 @09:13AM Denver Couple Unveils Homemade Service Robot
Thursday October 23, 2008 @07:35PM Researchers Developing Cancer-Fighting Beer
Thursday April 10, 2008 @03:59AM Climate Change Finally Impacts Important Industry
Monday March 24, 2008 @09:30PM Beer-Drinking Scientist Debunks Productivity Correlation
Thursday March 20, 2008 @11:13PM Scientists' Success Or Failure Correlated With Beer
Friday May 04, 2007 @03:36PM The 660 Gallon Brewery Fuel Cell
Friday March 09, 2007 @02:27PM The Beer Tossing Fridge
Friday June 09, 2006 @02:20AM iPod More Popular Than Beer?
Saturday June 03, 2006 @08:47AM Humanoid Robot Serves Beer
Wednesday April 05, 2006 @01:16AM Next-gen Robot Toys to Fetch Beer
Sunday March 19, 2006 @09:59PM Green Geek Beer

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.


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