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+ - Berners-Lee says no to internet 'snooping'-> 2

Submitted by Jack Spine
Jack Spine (666) writes "The inventor of the world wide has pointed out some of the dangers of deep packet inspection. Sir Tim said that ISPs 'snooping' on data was similar to the interception of mail."This is very important to me, as what is at stake is the integrity of the internet as a communications medium," Berners-Lee said on Wednesday. TBL's comments come as the UK government is gearing up to intercept all web communications in the UK through the Intercept Modernisation Programme, and echo comments he made last year about Phorm."
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Berners-Lee says no to internet 'snooping'

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  • on a visit to the LHC, he made a terrible, terrible mistake.... hit the wrong button, the whole thing crashed, allowing those dudes in America to discover the Higgs. Oh poor Tim, the highs and the lows, inventor of the first http and html, but the man that blew the Higgs for Europe.... they don't like him much in France these days. He sits in a corner of the cafeteria at lunch, reading a Batman comic and munching slowly on a baloney sandwich...

  • You aren't paranoid if you know they're out to get you.

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