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+ - Rewriting a software product after quiting a job?

Submitted by hi_caramba_2008
hi_caramba_2008 (1415633) writes "We are a bunch of good friends at a large software company. The product we work on is under budgeted and over-hyped by the sales drones. The code quality sucks, and management keeps pulling in different direction. Discussing this among ourself, we talked about leaving the company, and rebuilding the code from scratch over a few months. WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY CODE WITH US. We are not taking customer lists (we probably will aim at different customers anyway). The code architecture will also be different (hosted vs. stand alone, different modules and APIs). But at the feature level, we will imitate this product. Can we be sued for IP infringement, theft, or whatever? Are workers allowed to imitate the product they were working on? We know we have to deal with non-competition-clause in our employment contracts, but in our state this clause has been very difficult to enforce. We are more concerned with other Ip legal aspects."
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Rewriting a software product after quiting a job?

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