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+ - British ' X-files' released to public 2

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Smivs writes "Britains Ministry of Defence has just released files regarding invesstigations into UFO sightings between 1978 to 1987. Over the next three or four years, 160 files will be handed over to the National Archives. The first group of eight files, one of which is more than 450 pages long, is available via its website today.
This article from The Guardian newspaper details many of the events in question, some interesting and many just bizarre.
A similar release of UFO files by France's national space agency last year attracted more than 220,000 users on its first day, causing it to crash. To avoid such problems, the National Archives is using an external hosting company which can add extra capacity as needed to handle the web traffic."
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British ' X-files' released to public

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  • the direct link to the UFO page is: http://ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ (marked on the national archives page as being "high traffic").

    The files are PDF scans of carbon paper, so its white on black... nothing seems to be redacted (that i've seen), but as the background of the paper is black, it wouldn't really be easy to tell.

    Still, I applaud the move, even as an American.

    And first post.
  • Why not just release all of the files today? Why just the ones from 1978-1987? Seems odd. The only interesting stuff, from what I can tell, are the eyewitness testomonies of multiple witnesses that are, from their job titles, presumably reliable (air force officers, police officers, etc).

    Still, the complete lack of photographic or video evidence is a major hole in anyone's argument that we're being visited by ETs. That should be changing with the almost ubiquitous presence of cameras - both still and vi

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