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+ - Wikileaks: Office of Special Affairs - Black Ops ->

Submitted by Anonymous
Anonymous (666) writes "Wikileaks: Office of Special Affairs — Black Ops Wikileaks has 208 scanned pages (in one PDF) relating to the Church of Scientology, its former Office of Special Affairs employee and subsequent apostate Frank Oliver.

The documents are dated between 1986 and 1992 inclusive, when, according to the file, Frank Oliver was declared a "suppressive person" and ex-communicated. Frank Oliver should be able to verify the material and has appeared in the media before on subjects relating to the church. Starting page 107, the document shows that at the time of writing the Church of Scientology was still actively engaged in black propaganda (especially concerning psychiatry), "fair game" and infiltration. Many of policy letters written by L. Ron Hubbard were reissued after his death, showing that the Church of Scientology hadn't really changed after the convictions stemming from Operation Snow White.


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Wikileaks: Office of Special Affairs - Black Ops

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