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+ - "Microsoft Killed My Pappy" 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "A conversation with an angry young developer prompts Microsoft Program Manager Scott Hanselman to blog about Microsoft Haters: The Next Generation. "The ones I find the most interesting," says Hanselman, are the 'Microsoft killed my Pappy' people, angry with generational anger. My elders hated Microsoft so I hate them. Why? Because, you wronged me." The U.S. and Japan managed to get over the whole World War II thing, Hanselman notes, so why can't people manage to get past the Microsoft antitrust thing, which was initiated in 1998 for actions in 1994? "At some point you let go," he suggests, "and you start again with fresh eyes." Despite the overall good-humored, why-can't-we-get-along tone of his post, Hanselman can't resist one dig that seems aimed at putting things into perspective for those who would still Slashdot like it's 1999: "I wonder if I can swap out Chrome from Chrome OS or Mobile Safari in iOS.""
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"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

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