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+ - "The Color Run" violates agreement, then sues college photographer.-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As a professional freelance photographer for a local college, and a hobbyist code junky, I'm intrigued by this story and how it should be a warning to me as either. As well, there is a good lesson to be learned here about taking for granted the legal implications in the manner in which you exchange your own intellectual property with anyone. Never mind that "The Color Run"'s actions here maybe deserve a good dose of media attention."
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"The Color Run" violates agreement, then sues college photographer.

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  • Forget about the newspapers who ran it. Sue the folks using it in their advertising. Let them put pressure on the color run folks.

    If the use infringes, it infringes. If someone lied and said you had permission, you can sue them for the damages that the owner collects from you... but the owner is still entitled to damages from you.

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