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Submitted by linjaaho
linjaaho (1551343) writes "Yesterday, the admin list of Finnish language Wikipedia received a request for comment from National Police Board of Finland. The Police board claims that the fundraising message appearing on the top of the Wikipedia pages is illegal fundraising and is punishable by criminal law. The Police Board asks how much money have they raised and ask for justification for the campaign.

This is not the first time the Police Board attacks fundraising. In 2012, a crowdfunded textbook Kickstarter project was delayed because a similar request of comment."

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Finnish Police Board Takes Issue With Wikipedia's Fundraising

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  • by MrL0G1C (867445)

    Your summary misses a vital piece of information - on what possible grounds would the police body have for doing this, what rule does Wikipedia's fundraising break?

    • by kjr71 (127862)

      The piece of Finnish legislation in question is called "rahankerÃyslaki" (Money Collection Act), an unofficial translation of which is provided by the Ministry of the Interior at []

      Basically, to run such a fundraiser campaign in Finland, a permit is required. To obtain such a permit, it is required that the organization is a) registered in Finland and b) fulfills the numerous criteria set out in the Money Collection Act.

      IANAL, but to me it seems this particular law is qui

  • There is an English article on Afterdawn [], but there is not much more info than in the summary and other comments here. The English versions of the major news sites in Finland haven't picked this up (at least not yet).

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