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+ - What Your Health Insurance Info Is Worth To Criminals->

Submitted by itwbennett
itwbennett (1594911) writes "When sold on their own via underground marketplaces, health insurance credentials cost $20 each and include the names of those covered by the plan, dates of birth, contract number, group number, type of plan — individual or group, HMO/PPO, deductible and copay information — and insurer contact information for customer service and filing claims. Health plans that have associated dental, vision or chiropractic plans cost $20 more each, say researchers from Dell's SecureWorks division. If that health insurance info accompanies full information packages (your name, address, phone number, SSN, email address and password, bank account info, etc.) and a set of counterfeit documents the price goes up to $1200 each (plus additional fees for expediting, wire fees, etc.)"
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What Your Health Insurance Info Is Worth To Criminals

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