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+ - China blocks VPN connections using machine learning algorithms?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The internet control in China seems to have been tightened recently, according to the Guardian [guardian.co.uk]. Several VPN providers claimed that the censorship system can "learn, discover and block" encrypted VPN protocols.

Using machine learning algorithms in protocol classification is not exactly a new topic in the field [scholar.google.com]. And given the fact that even the founding father of the "Great Firewall", Fan Bingxing [wikipedia.org] himself has also written a paper about utilizing machine learning algorithm in encrypted traffic analysis [ieee.org], it would be not suprising at all, if they are now starting to identify suspicious encrypted traffic using numerically efficient classifiers. [springer.com]

So the arm race between anti-censorship and surveillance technology goes on ."
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China blocks VPN connections using machine learning algorithms?

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