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+ - IPv6 is STILL Like Brocolli. Though 20 MIllion Facebook Users are on it now->

Submitted by darthcamaro
darthcamaro (735685) writes "So how did World IPv6 Launch go? Surprisingly well according to a participants at the event. Google said that it has seen a 150% growth in IPv6 traffic, Facebook now has 27 million IPv6 users and Akamai is serving 100x more IPv6 traffic.
But it's still a 'brocolli' technology

I've said in the past that IPv6 is a 'brocolli' technology," Leslie Daigle, CTO of the Internet Society said. "I still think it is a tech everybody knows it would be good if we ate more of it but nobody wants to eat it without the cheese sauce."


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IPv6 is STILL Like Brocolli. Though 20 MIllion Facebook Users are on it now

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