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angry tapir writes: "Some might be surprised, but AmigaOS still exists — and is being actively developed. Although though now it runs on PowerPC architecture instead of Motorola 68k chips, AmigaOS 4 is based directly off the 3.1 AmigaOS source code. AmigaOS 4 development is currently being run by Hyperion Entertainment, which is developing it on a commercial basis. I recently had a chance to chat to Steven Solie for a long interview about the system, how it has endured and what the future plans for the operating system are (including whether it will ever be open sourced)."
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AmigaOS 4 lead developer interview

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  • I've owned an A1000 and an A2500HD/030 (started life as a regular A2000B with a PC card) but I won't look at AmigaOS until it runs on common, cheaply available hardware. Sorry, but I'm done paying double or triple the price compared to the same thing for common platforms (especially graphics cards that are 2-3 years behind).

    Perhaps they should have a look at DragonFly BSD [] 3.0, a FreeBSD by Matt Dillon [] who was a regular contributor to the Fred Fish library.

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