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The Almighty Buck

+ - London Olympic Torch Bearers Cashing-In On eBay->

Submitted by
TheGift73 writes "The Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones going for gold during this summer, as the official Olympic Torch Bearers are starting to place the torches that they were able to buy after having run with them, on eBay.

The prices that they are reaching is pretty amazing to be honest. Take a look at this one below which finished just a few moments ago.

The listing only lasted for a day, and started of at a conservative £200.00, which is about the amount that the torch bearers are able to buy them for. There were 19 bidders in total, making 52 bids between them. The one below went for £103,100.00 by the time the time ran out.

Quite a few of the torches that are coming on the eBay listing are also pledging to donate part of the final price to a charity, which is great if it actually gets there and not just made up to get people to bid.

The torch’s are disabled by the organisers once the runners have used them, so that the burners cannot be lit again. If you want to know more about the Olympic Torch and the route that the bearers will take, then see my article here.

Now, this is eBay, so there is also the very real possibility that the winning bidder wasn’t serious, which would mean that the seller could then offer the torch to the next highest bidder.

The organisers of the London Olympic Games have said that once the runners have purchased them, they aren’t responsible for what happens to them."

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London Olympic Torch Bearers Cashing-In On eBay

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