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+ - Plans found through RFI (FOI) Request on Iran's Halal Internet->

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Fluffeh writes "Iran appears to have recently published a Persian-language "Request for Information" (RFI) for an even-more filtered and monitored version of the Internet than what presently exists in the Islamic Republic. The RFI calls for "proper conditions for domestic experts in order to build a healthy Web and organize the current filtering situation," and lists a deadline of April 19, 2012. "Threats and sanctions are practically being enforced against us. Communications have changed the picture of the world including threats and wars," Revolutionary Guard Deputy Cmdr. Hossein Salami said. Other Iranian experts have suggested that this apparent ramping up of the halal Internet has come as a direct result of American efforts to pierce what President Barack Obama recently called an "electronic curtain" over Iran. Since 2010, the State Department has been heavily involved in funding "Internet freedom" efforts to bring unrestricted access to various parts of the world, including Iran."
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Plans found through RFI (FOI) Request on Iran's Halal Internet

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