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+ - Ask slashdot: Recommendations for Linux telecommuting tools 2

Submitted by rodrix79
rodrix79 (1542781) writes "Hi all. I am trying to move from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu, but maybe to Mint). The problem is I telecommute full time and I am having a hard time trying to find the right tools to keep communication flowing with my clients (which are mostly on Windows / Mac). Any good recommendations from Linux telecommuters? Thanks in advance."
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Ask slashdot: Recommendations for Linux telecommuting tools

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  • I've been telecommuting for a long time, first on Windows and now on Mac.

    Most of these would be pretty obvious I think but from what I gather there are Linux versions of Skype, Google Video Chat (including Google+ hangouts), etc. Your customers are probably already using some of those. Ask them what they are using and pick one or more.

    There are also lots of web meeting [] type software that work with Linux.

    We use Skype mostly where I work. It's not great all the time but it works.

    • by rodrix79 (1542781)
      Problem is skype for linux is not a good tool (version 2 beta is the latest). It also tends to overheat my laptop. :S

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