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+ - RightHaven jumps the gun on April Fools Day->

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Fluffeh writes "RightHaven seems to have a new agenda — comedy. The CEO, who now works for another company is throwing the "It wasn't me, it was the one armed man!" excuse in a filing to the court, also throws RightHaven's own lawyers under the bus "Therefore, Gibson hereby respectfully requests this Court to order Mangano to appear before the Court and effect compliance with the Minute Order. Gibson further requests this Court order Mangano to reinvigorate Mangano’s representation of Righthaven until such time as this Court would find appropriate the withdrawal by Mangano."

All this is potentially good news though (apart from being hilarious) as it can come back to not only bite Steve Gibson later down the track, but patent trolling firms in general by way of precedents: "At minimum, that’s going to raise legal costs and uncertainty for LLC owners everywhere, particular in the IP arena because every patent monetization company is going to be compared to Righthaven, and even the owner of a patent who loses on a good faith argument of infringement or validity may end up having personal assets at least threatened as a result.""

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RightHaven jumps the gun on April Fools Day

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