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+ - A First Person Account of DNSChanger Takedown Operation and Clean-Up Task->

Submitted by penciling_in
penciling_in (707412) writes "Paul Vixie shares his personal account of the DNSChanger takedown operation working with FBI and a worldwide team. He also explains the delay issues in identifying and notifying victims which resulted in FBI asking the judge for an extension and were given four more months. 'On July 9 2012 the replacement DNS servers operated by ISC will be shut down and any victims who still depend on these servers will face new risks,' he warns. A half dozen national Internet security teams around the world have created special web sites that will display a warning message to potential victims of the DNS Changer infection. The full list of these "DNS Checking" web sites is published on the DCWG's web site."
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A First Person Account of DNSChanger Takedown Operation and Clean-Up Task

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