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Submission + - SFPD Breathalyzer Error Puts Hundreds Of DUI Convictions In Doubt (cbslocal.com) 1

Mr. Shotgun writes:

Hundreds, or even thousands, of drunk driving convictions could be overturned because the San Francisco Police Department has not tested its breathalyzers, officials said Monday. For at least six years, the police officers in charge of testing the 20 breathalyzers used by the Police Department did not carry out any tests on the equipment. Officers instead filled the test forms with numbers that matched the control sample, said Public Defender Jeff Adachi, throwing countless DUI convictions into doubt.

Apparently this has happened before.

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SFPD Breathalyzer Error Puts Hundreds Of DUI Convictions In Doubt

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  • "He said the coordinators were apparently just too lazy to perform the test required every 10 days."

    What do want to bet that nothing happens to these 'coordinators'? Drunk drivers are killers. These 'coordinators' may be responsible for deaths if cases are dismissed.

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