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+ - Arizona Ponders FCC Decency Standards for the Classroom-> 1

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einhverfr writes "Eugene Volokh has posted an interesting discussion of a bill that has been introduced in Arizona, which would tie public school educator conduct to the FCC standards or decency for radio and television. The bill is essentially a three strikes system, firing teachers if they violate FCC standards three times.

While the goal of the bill may seem reasonable, the details strike me as silly. What do you think?"

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Arizona Ponders FCC Decency Standards for the Classroom

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  • Far and away the best teacher I had in high school would curse and talk about all the dirty sexual motivations of the characters in the books we were studying (he was the head of the english department) - he even won state teacher of the year at least once while I was there. I really don't think there is anything a teacher could do or say in class that could top what the average teenager sees or says on any given day.

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