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+ - Choosing anonymous proxies 2

Submitted by bradley13
bradley13 (1118935) writes "There are lots of anonymous proxies out there, and anyone concerned about their privacy probably uses one for at least some of their web-browsing.

The Megaupload story highlights the fact that having servers in the USA is not a great idea. There are also other countries one may not want to trust. Oddly, very few proxy services mention where their equipment is located.

What anonymous proxy services do members of the Slashdot community use? What criteria do you use to select them? How paranoid are you, and for what types of Internet usage?"
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Choosing anonymous proxies

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  • I use the tor browser bundle for all my web traffic. It was originally designed to protect US Navy communications, it is completely free and almost entirely driven by the community. I think of it as a sort of p2p network, but rather than download peers the commodity being shared here is internet "relays". In my opinion tor is the best option for anyone looking to "anonymise" their traffic - or even just access BBC iPlayer from abroad without the need for a server for which you have shell access.
  • The only thing I hate about proxies is that they are really, really slow.

Ma Bell is a mean mother!