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+ - SOPA: Stop Grandstanding, Start Crafting An Altern-> 1

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gManZboy writes "InformationWeek editor-in-Chief Rob Preston says it's time for breathless SOPA grandstanding to end. "An argument making the rounds among the digerati is that SOPA and PIPA are 20th century answers to a 21st century challenge, that the movie, music, and media industry lobbyists and their Congressional puppets just don't understand the dynamics of the Internet," he writes.

If Congress is so clueless about Internet dynamics, it's up to SOPA opponents to create a workable alternative for stopping online content piracy, Preston says.

"To its credit Google, whose YouTube is a dumping ground for pirated material, is behind an alternative bill--The Online Protection & Enforcement of Digital Trade, or OPEN, Act--and is seeking industry comment and collaboration. That collaboration must include movie, music, and media companies," he writes.

"Google and friends, the ball's now in your court. Where do you propose we go from here? ""

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SOPA: Stop Grandstanding, Start Crafting An Altern

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  • "Another notion making the rounds is that Hollywood studios and music labels are to blame for the theft of their copyrighted material because their business models aren’t palatable to many consumers. That's right: Blame the victim."

    Can you really call people with billions of dollars a victim? I mean I bet they probably spent a whole more money trying to stop piracy, the wrong way, than they've the money they've so called lost because of piracy. It's not because someone saw a movie illegaly, that th

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